What are you tweeting?

Founded in 2006, the little blue bird has grown to be symbolic of the Twitter world. Twitter has grown to be one of the Social Media world’s largest and popular members. A free social networking website, twitter allows users to write, chat, share and discuss their thoughts, ideas and more all through popularly used SMS jargon. So incase you’ve been worrying about being ‘grammatically correct’ on Twitter you can breathe freely. In short, Twitter propagates the idea of ‘less is more!’

An allowance of about 140 characters a post, a ‘tweet’ is can be a bit of stock market news, celebrity gossip or just random lines that a user can post onto his (or her) twitter profile. Twitter allows you to follow the tweets of your favorite celebrity or organization even if you aren’t directly related to that person or company. Ranked high in the Social Media world, Twitter is now also being offered in French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish other than English.

Business too can now use Twitter to their advantage. Be it large or small sized, organizations are now using Twitter to spread news, views and reviews about services and products launched by them. This is an intelligent move by organizations using Twitter, since it allows them to obtain real-time feedback on their tweet.

The accessibility of Twitter through mediums like a cell phone, have also made the website popular. You can now access tweets of a favorite author by just subscribing to SMS alerts (All provided for free from twitter! Of course you might want to check if your cell phone service provider charges you separately for receiving tweets on your cell phone). This way you remain updated on the twitter world even while on the move!

If you have a website, you can have a little link on it that directs your website visitor to your Twitter account. This way your ‘potential’ customer (if he or she is a Twitter user too) can see what you tweet and who you follow.

So what are you waiting for? Get tweeting!

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