Tips for safe social networking

A large number of issues have been cropping up lately with safety of information on social networking websites. People find their photographs being used in a promotion of a certain program when they had absolutely nothing to do with it. Invites and suggestion posts being sent by people who are friends of a friend of a friend on your friend list. The issues and more you might have grown to turn a blind eye too. But with more and more cases of social networking profile information misuse, it is better to be prudent than sorry. Especially if you’re on a social networking site for business purposes. Below are a couple of points that you might want to remember when it comes to keeping your information safe on a social networking website:

Do not post any information you might later regret putting up. You do not know what happens to your post after a certain point of time. The last thing you want happening is your post being used as a comment to be controversial and being used against you. Typically, any information you’d like to keep yours should not be tweeted, posted or scrapped onto a social networking website. For example, a photograph or video of yours transfers the right of ownership into the hand of a social networking website the instant it is uploaded. Play safe and do not put up private or important pictures or information about yourself lest you see it being used elsewhere without your permission.

Another point to remember is to not accept invitations from any random person on a social network. Social networking profiles come built in with security settings that allow you to set who can see your profile and the contents, who can contact you and what application are allowed to reach you. USE THEM! If you don’t want to get a truckload of spam mail everyday, hit the Block button whenever in doubt.

It would also be a good idea to segregate your contacts. You could probably use Facebook to contact long lost classmates, existing friends and family, and Linkedin for your business acquaintances. Social networking websites like these also allow you to send messages to a selected group of people while filtering those you do not want to contact. This is a valuable tool to use especially if you do not want your messages to fall into the wrong hands.

Everyone wants to show everyone else how big their social network is and how popular they may be. Social networking sites are a plenty on the internet. Try to not make too many accounts for yourself in too many different social networking portals. Limit yourself to one or two at the max, because there are only so many hours in a day and social networking websites can get you completely addicted!

Play safe!

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