Three great website usability tips

Here are three MUST remember and MUST implement tips to help make your website a success.

1. Include taglines in your copy

Include taglines like your motto or company mission that describes your website in one phrase.

It should also be one of the most obviously places and eye catching phrase on the very first page of your website. It should be the most obvious element on a website’s front page and it should clearly describe the website in one phrase. Why? An analysis conducted on website functionality and traffic has shown that a website has just 8 seconds to capture their visitor’s attention for them feel interested enough to look into the website further. Without a clear, catchy and well placed tagline a website would have a hard time holding the visitors attention long enough to browse the inner pages.

2. Sitemaps and Site Search

Sitemaps are a brilliant way to summarize the contents of your website in one shot.

All, pages and sub pages can be listed systematically allowing your website visitor an idea about the contents of your website in one short glance. A relatively new website feature, sitemaps are a sure-shot way to improve web page navigation and better Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

A site search is another very important element to incorporate onto a website. When a visitor is looking for something, they would typically look for a text field where they can enter their search term. Not only is this a brilliant way for you to make information easily available, but also a way to improve SEO. Ideally the search field should be about 27 characters long so that the entered text is clearly visible to your visitor. Also place the search box strategically at the top of your website pages. Next, be sure to include a neat search button and clearly specify the search text. It is better that you refrain from using text such as Go or Submit on your button, since these phrases may mislead your visitors.

3. Easily scannable web pages

Keep your webpages as simple as possible. A visitor needs to comprehend what you’re saying even if he’s just scanning through your page.

If your visitor’s attention is held by a certain phrase on your website while he or she is scanning through it, you can be sure that he will want to read the content in more detail. What you can do to maki your pages easily scannable is to use titles, bold or italicize points, and emphasized text or lists.

A catchy headline and a catchy first paragraph is a good way to make readers read the whole article. Try to organize your page content in an inverted pyramid format. By this we mean, place the most important information you want your visitor to read at the top and progress to the bottom by placing information of importance. Any information that you might consider news worthy could go right at the top.

The trick is to keep your website content simple yet catchy.

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