Networking for companies

If anybody tells you that Social Networking sites are a waste of time and are not meant for a company, DON’T BELIEVE THEM! Everybody who wants to connect and stay updated with the latest happenings and news is on a Social Networking websites. To illustrate that point, Twitter’s famous ‘tweets’ allow snippets of gossip, news and reviews of events, companies and the general public.

You as the owner of a company who already has a website on the internet MUST tap the advantages that a social networking website can provide for the recognition of your company. Here are some of things that you and can do on a social networking website.

The ‘Networking’ of Social Networking:
You’re on a Social Networking website to spread awareness to your audience about the kind of work you do. The no boundaries phenomenon of the internet allows you to reach people who do not necessarily reside in the same area as your company. Websites like Facebook allow you to set up a Fan page where you can submit your company information and anything else you’d like the general public to know. It allows you to invite people to view, comment on and discuss the contents of the page and also explore your company and its websites. THIS is what networking is about. Building up of a contact database.

Business card exchange.
Are you turning eco-friendly and have decided to stop distributing your Business cards? But if you stop distributing your business cards, how will you remind people of your existence? Easy. Websites like Twitter offer services like ‘TwtBizCard’ that allows you to send electronic business cards to whom ever you choose.

Post events
Do you have a major launch or event coming out and want your target audience to know all about it? Why not post details of the event on your social networking profile? Twitter, Myspace and Facebook allow you to update your profiles with event details, new product launches and in short any information that you want to advertise. All you need to do is select everyone in your friends list and you’ve done the good deed of informing people about your event!

The above three things are just some of the things that social networking websites allow you to do. Share pictures, Post videos, have full fledged debates on an issue are some of the other things that you can do as a member of a social networking website. All you need to do is make an account for yourself (it takes hardly 2 minutes to complete) and Hey Presto! You’re ready to start Networking!

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