Terms and conditions:

Please note: When a client places a designing order with us, it is taken for granted that the client(s)/company(s) has/have read Global Outsourcing Solution’s working terms and conditions and has/have fully understood them.

  • Any work that is carried out by Global Outsourcing Solutions is started only on the express instructions of the client either by phone, email, fax or snail mail. An order once placed is construed as a verbal or written contact between the client and us, which is placed either by phone, email, fax or snail mail.
  • Global Outsourcing Solutions accept designing assignments from those clients who are above the age of 18years. There will be no exceptions regarding this rule.
  • While every designing assignment is conducted keeping in mind that the programs and scripts are free of errors, any losses incurred by the client due to malfunctioning of the website will not be taken into responsibility by Global Outsourcing solutions.
  • Any script, software or application written or used by Global Outsourcing Solutions for a designing assignment is considered to be express property of Global Outsourcing Solutions and cannot be commercially reproduced or resold without express permission from us.
  • On placement of a designing order, a deposit of 25% (standard website designing) and 25% (database design or CMS design) is to be provided to Global Outsourcing Solutions by a client before the commencement of any designing work. Please note that these figures are subject to change pertaining to nature of website and are non-refundable.
  • Global Outsourcing Solutions shall make no guarantees to the ranking of a client’s websites in case of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) assignments. Though we strive to ensure that the websites attain top 10 ranking, the drop of a website ranking due to any changes in a search engine ranking techniques or algorithms will not be Global Outsourcing Solution’s responsibility.
  • Global Outsourcing Solutions will not be a part of any disputes arising out of disagreements between a website owner and his/her clients.
  • Once a designing job is completed, clients are expected to pay balance amounts of the designing job thus assigned to Global Outsourcing Solutions. In the event that on completion or processing of a website a client abandons the project, he/she will still be liable to pay in full amount for the work done on the website. Non-payment of agreed amount could possibly lead to legal action if deemed necessary. Once the final amount has been paid by the client, it is assumed that the website has been created to order to a client’s satisfaction.
  • Please note that any information provided to us by clients is deemed private and confidential and is not provided any to third party solicitors without express permission of the client.

In case of any questions pertaining to points not mentioned here,  please feel free to contact us today.

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