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What is WordPress?

The brainchild of co-founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, WordPress is one of the Internet’s most popular blogging applications. Ideally designed with PHP and SQL data at the backend to enable basic content management and known for it’s easy to use layout, a blogger using wordpress needn’t have advanced CMS knowledge. In fact, using WordPress is as easy as using any word processing software.  A free to use and install personal publishing system, WordPress allows you to create a blog on your website that is sophisticated in look and design. After its release in 2003, WordPress has an estimated 202 million websites that use its application.


WordPress has a whole array of features ranging from flexibility in blog design, management of publishing infrastructure, creation of archives, search engine optimized keyword searches etc. WordPress not only allows you to post articles, pictures and videos on your blog, but also allows existing bloggers to post comments, rate your blog, and even allows inter-user communication. Automatic filters on WordPress help a user to properly style and format their content. WordPress based websites are search engine-friendly, clean with good permalink structure and support trackbacks and pingbacks for greater visibility

WordPress themes are the most talked about design layouts available on the internet for a blog. They are free, original and can be downloaded by a blogger to apply on his/her blog. Bloggers are free to choose a theme that matches their personality and/or content of their blog. To find out more about how you can Outsource wordpress designing and integration and  take full advantage of your wordpress website, contact us today!

Lots of companies on the internet use blogs to supplement their original parent websites. The addition of a new service, promotion of a product or latest company news can all be added into blogs. It is quite possible that a website may not have enough space to accommodate information like this but they cannot without it either. Using blogs for this regard or even as mini websites are highly effective.

WordPress is one such blog website that allows a user to choose a template that supports your existing website. The templates offered by WordPress are fresh, fun and exceptional in their design. These templates allow a user to personalize the layout and content placement in any way they want. And to do so, deep programming or computer knowledge is not necessary. WordPress is known for its user friendly designs. Inserting editing or modifying content on a WordPress theme is as easy as using a normal word editing software like Microsoft word.

Special Thanks to Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little

Founded by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, WordPress has grown to include atleast 7 more developers ever since it’s set up in 2003. Closely associated with Automatic, WordPress development is also taken care of its group of WP testers. We would also like to thank Ryan Boren, Dougal Campbell, Mark Jaquith, Donncha Ó Caoimh, Andy Skelton, Michel Valdrighi, and Peter Westwood who are core developers. The WordPress group work at releasing better, easier and error free versions of the application that can be used on platforms like the Apple Iphone.

If you frequently update your site with news, product information and prices or any other kind of information, CMS makes the whole process much easier. Using a CMS backend tool is as easy as using a word-processing program. An actual CMS backend tool will allow a person to have full control over his website. This exactly the advantage the WordPress allows you.

When you’re looking for establishing a quality website at low charges WordPress provides complete content management to an owner at highly cost-efficient rates. An added advantage of WordPress is that it is free to use on any website you want without paying license fees.

Want to know how to jazz up the look of your blog? WordPress themes and our design integration will help you achieve your objective. Contact us today for more information about WordPress Outsourcing and how we can help you use them.

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