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Outsource Photo Retouching

Do you have any images that look dull? Or do you have a photo that has an object in the background that you’d rather have removed? For these very image retouching and clipping path needs, Global Outsourcing Solutions has the ability to deliver.

It is possible for an image or photograph to loose its original clarity by unequal resizing or format change. Our designers use the latest versions of software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to bring back the original feel of an image.

The following is also included in the photo retouching services that we provide here at Global Outsourcing Solutions:

Addition or removal persons or objects from a photograph
An image or photograph may have a certain object that you would want hidden or removed entirely from the image. Global Outsourcing Solutions uses its keen knowledge of photo editing to deliver to you images of your choice.

Filling in color for a black and white image
Do you have an image that is black and white in colour? We can deliver the same image but in colour to make it look fresher and more attractive.

Color correction
A certain colour in an image may be either too bright or too dull. We can help correct these colours to produce a brighter and changed image, depending on a client’s individual requirements.

Creation of a collage
Collages are a great method to help display an image or photograph. Placing images in a simple grid or straight lines can be pretty boring to look at. Instead you could opt for using a collage to help place importance on certain images or pictures that you may want to use on a website.

For a better idea of what we are capable of delivering, do visit our profile page and contact us today!

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