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What better way can a website be made visible than through some well place online marketing strategies? A company would issue flyers and put up hoardings in strategic locations around a city to promote or market a certain product or service. Think of online marketing in the very same way. The World Wide Web is a city with infinite borders, with lots of scope to publish and market company ideas, values and products. Millions of people turn to the internet in search of information. It should be every company’s objective to make that information available to his prospective customer before any competition can overtake. Online marketing helps greatly in this regard.

There are two benefits to online marketing:
One, its highly convenient. Making your company go live on the internet ensures that customers have access to the products and services that you provide all the time, any time. This makes it convenient for a customer to browse, shop and evaluate any service that you may provide.

Two, the response time is reduced substantially in online marketing. Online marketing allows a company to get instant feedback about any new promotional tactic or launch of a new idea. The internet now allows users and owners to interact in a way that instant and on the spot feedback is received.

Though online marketing sounds like a brilliant scheme, if done wrongly it could prove to be more of a hindrance than any help. Some popular online marketing techniques that companies use are:

Scrolling tickers: like scrolling marques on a website that attract the attention of a visitor but donot entirely distract from the main website.

Banners: with images and minimal text when sometimes clicked takes the viewer of the advertisement to a more detailed explanation of the offer. These banners could even be animated to add more interest.

Pop up advertisements: that appear randomly over a website to keep constantly reminding a visitor to the site about new offers and products.

Newsletters: that could be weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on the launch of new products or services.

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