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Logos are the life of any organization. They are the reason how customers recognize them from hundreds of other companies. That’s why logos need to be designed in a way that they help a company stand out and create a distinct image in the minds of a visitor. Our designers at Global Outsourcing Solutions have the experience and creative ability to generate logo designs to compliment a company image.

Branding utilities work in very much the same way. Corporate Identity Designs or CID are designed in very much the same manner. Corporate Identity objects like company letter heads, business cards and envelopes are effective advertising tools that help a people identify and set a company apart. They give a company a sharp and professional look.

Both logos and CIDs need to be designed well to create a sense of balance and structure to a company. Just having pretty colours and an attractive design surely work for a logo, but it would also help to add a bit of meaning to a logo or CID design. To explain this point further, we mean that if a logo design is incorporated with a certain company work ethic or ideology, it would provide the logo a sense of reason or meaning.

To know more about the kind of work we have delivered in the past, do contact us today!

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Being a startup, I wanted a logo designed for me. I wanted a design that was light and meaningful at the same time. Global Outsourcing solutions not only ran me though huge samples of their work, and provided a number of options, but were also very understanding and accommodating when I pitched in my ideas. Thanks for giving me a brilliant identity and giving my website a fresh look!

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