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Joomla is free Open source Content Management System or CMS that is now popularly used on websites. Like many template design providers, Joomla has come up with strategies to make the coding of websites easier and faster, all the while not compensating the quality of output.

To explain in technical terms, most websites are designed by using tables. Joomla helps to create website design templates by using Cascading Style Sheets or CSS instead of the usual tables.

How would this matter you’d ask?
When a website is created by using a CSS, the creation, maintenance and loading time for a website is marginally reduced. Joomla also allows a website higher and better performance in a search engine.

This kind of template is a ready raw structure of a website with outlines for the header images, menus, and text in place. These templates are styled in a way that when any content is inserted, the pre-designed CSS would apply on any of the information.  This saves a designer a lot of headache in deciding the kind of font size, style, decoration links etc that need to go up onto a website. All users need to do is pick up a design that best suits their requirements and these templates are ready for use.

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