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A banner is essentially a marketing tool that companies use on their websites. At Global Outsourcing Solutions, we design both static and flash animation banners. Depending on the nature of the website and client requirements, we design banners to help draw a visitor’s attention to certain key areas or information on the website.

What’s the difference between a flash banner and a static banner?
To explain simply, a static banner is a banner that has maybe one or at the most two stationary images that do not change in shape colour or size. Flash banners are just the opposite. Infact flash banners give you a wider choice in placing images and adding an attraction value to your otherwise information filled pages.

It is possible for a designer or customer to go overboard with the kind of animation and effects that are possible to be created in a flash banner. Banners if not created with care and prior discussion with a client to know his or her requirements could lead to quite a disaster. The designers at Global Outsourcing Solutions, have the knowledge, experience and talent to pull off banner designs that don’t just attract the attention of a visitor to a site but also helps compliment any information on the website. After all, making a statement and being noticed for it in a cluttered market is exactly what all companies look to achieve!

To see the kind of banners we have designed in the past, please see our portfolio page.

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