Search Engine Optimization for Small Business Websites

Search Engine Optimization for Small Business Websites

Any business on the internet whether large or small can be a target to much visitor traffic if Search Engine Optimization functions are applied to a website. Of course this is true in cases where SEO is done on websites while keeping in mind some important points, which are explained below for better understanding.

Website content:
Content plays a key role in the success of Search Engine Optimization of a website. Try to keep your content simple, natural and to the point. Along with doing so, it is advisable to incorporate your set key words into article titles and subtitles. This ensures that when a related keyword is typed into a search engine, your article/information is displayed prominently onto a results page.

It also makes sense to incorporate names of your organization’s prominent staff members, employees and of course the business name. In this way, if a specific phrase or key word set is searched for on a search engine, the chances of your business appearing high in a search result becomes better.
Applying your local address to the content of your website is also to be considered. You may want to place your office address in your website footer and also add your website name and link to popular location based websites.

Providing inter-page-links in your website allows visitors to access other pages and information on your website. Even if your Company information comes up on a search result, a link pointing your visitor to the services page, will prompt him or her to explore your website in more detail. In this way you make all your company information easily accessible to your target audience.

Links are also another good way to promote your website. What was explained above was inter-website links that lead a visitor from one page to the next. Another option you have to consider is the providing of links on often accessed and popular websites like social networking sites or media portals. This way, your business name is visible on a website which is accessed by hundreds of people. The possibilities of a browser visiting your website become much larger.

It is important to analyze your search engine results and ranking carefully. You need to remember that getting a high rank is something that isn’t achieved instantaneously. Check your ranking weekly to see what you need to improve on. Look at those website that rank above you and try to distinguish what they are doing that you aren’t. For example, check if they are using a more popular site to advertise themselves. Are they using more key words?

Try to make sure your website is available to customers in your local area before attempting to reach those beyond your office location. Being specific about what kind of business you are and what kind of services you provide would allow a better placement of your website for your local audience.

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