Replace flash objects with Jquery scripts

Animation on a website doesn’t necessarily need to be in the form of a flash banner or animated gifs any longer. Thanks to the effects that can be magicked out of a jquery script combines with CSS elements, you now have an array of brilliant effects that you can apply to your website. Scrolling banners, fancy dropdown menus and mouse over effects are just some of the many fascinatingly effective effects that you can achieve with jquery.

Testing a jquery code is always essential. You need to do so to ensure that your script works in the right way across multiple browsers. Sifting through your jquery scripts and CSS style sheets will allow you to locate bugs that would cause both you and a user much annoyance in terms of functionality of the effect.

There’s a lot to be achieved from a strong jquery script, though you need to remember to not over load your website with too many effects. Your website visitor would be left floundering through your website if you have too many slide in-out effects, hover links and the likes that could get him or her distracted from the actual information on your website.

Talk to your designer/developer and discuss the possibilities of integrating your website with jquery.

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