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Social community websites…now a portal for organizations to express themselves!

Thanks to websites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace, organizations and people alike have a steady ground to advertise themselves and their services. Social marketing is the new way to go if you want to survive your competition. Through these websites you can make your company known to all of your target audience and beyond. The best part of all this is that you get all the publicity for your website for free! All you need to do is go through a simple registration process and boom! You’re in to make your company and yourself known to the world!…Literally!

The idea is to invite existing customers to view your profile on your community web page. Encourage them to sign up (if they already aren’t members of your social community website) and comment about your company on the fan pages and in turn reach out to newer audiences.

One of the basic rules of conducting a business is to stay connected. Social community websites now give companies access to the younger more technologically savvy generation by making themselves visible on the internet. A social community website membership allows a company to see and be seen. See what their consumers think about them and display their services and company ideologies on the internet in order to be seen!

The initial set-up process is quite minimal. It’s ideal that you have an account for yourself and another for your business. This way a visitor can read information about you on your personal page and then read, evaluate and discuss your company profile and the service that you provide with other users in the community.It makes sense to have a link to your business website from your social community page and vice versa. This way a member of the community website knows there is more information pertaining to your company available on a proper website; and a visitor on your actual website knows that you have a fan following on your community website. This is exactly how you can build credibility in marketing and advertising.

It is important to remember that nothing static stays! To elaborate, make sure that your social community profile pages are complete with fresh and interesting information that will compel another member to visit your website. Get into discussions with existing members in your social community group, pose questions to your visitors and in general keep your pages as functional as possible! 3 important words to remember…Networking, Networking and Networking!

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