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In order for your website to do well, you need to make sure that your customers find you easily on the internet in a key word search. There is one simple yet brilliantly effective method called Serach Engine Optimization. Enabling SEO on your website is going to get your website visitor rates soaring! So what is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is essentially a used to increase a website ranking in a search engine index. It makes a website readable for search engines and also ensures that users find the best websites to read on the internet.

Some tips on how to optimize your website for search engines.

1. HTML coding
Creating your website with HTML coding helps in website SEO. Ensure that your website is developed / created in this language, since research suggests that a site in a valid and strong HTML format gets spidered much easily and widely as in comparison to those that aren’t HTML coded.

2. Website content
Your result rates depend on the content on your website. Of course, you know that already! Even then, it is our job to inform you that your content needs to be structured in a way that best suits a search engine result listing. And what is this method? Keep your content short, strong and simple. You want your website come up in the highest and most relevant results. That’s why it makes sense to regularly review and update the content on your website. This ensures that your content is not only fresh, but also that your website ranking remains high.

3. Strong keyword phrases
Your keyword phrases need to be chosen from your website content wisely. Though it is a daunting task, it is extremely essential to get a good result listing. It is best that you try to come up with ATLEAST one strong keyword phrase for each page of your website. Of course you can use more keywords, but having one strong phrase is better than having 10 smaller non-important words. In order to achieve effective SEO for your website, your phrases should focus on the content of that particular page and be relevant to the content on it. Using the keyword phrase in the title of your web page also helps greatly!

4. Keyword Numbers
Make sure that your website developer / content writer uses keyword phrases on your website enough number of times in the content of your web pages. Ideally, a keyword phase should appear at least twice in every five hundred words in order to make it visible to the search engines. And then again, on the other hand, don’t go overboard load your web page with the keyword phrase. To summarize, use your keywords adequately and wisely all over your website.

5. Don’t
whatever you do, DO NOT use a single keyword phrase for your entire website! It is possible that your developer might seek the fast way out and use just one single keyword phrase on your whole website. This isn’t the intelligent way to do it if you want to ensure that you’ve optimized your site successfully. Try to come up with different keyword phrases for every page. This will just help you increase the rank of your website and in turn build your visitor traffic.

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