Importance of Good Website Design

There is more to designing a website than just making it look perfect, had most people understood this fact they would have concentrated on increasing its performance while building it, rather than only designing it to make it visually appealing. The chief purposes for which people create websites are either earning profit or offer information on a subject area or to entertain. Thus if you desire for the website to be really successful in all aspects then there are particular areas that must be taken into thought of

  • The site has to have simple, user friendly navigation;
  • No one would want to have to put in extra effort to go through the site.
  • When a business provides a wide array of products or services then the website should exhibit the important ones to the largest part.
  • It should be evident and properly expressed as to what the business has to offer
  • Ensure that contact details are mentioned clearly and are plainly accessible to all website visitors.
  • Do not have unnecessary data placed on the website. o Let the information be presented in an appealing manner so that a viewer would like to read it.

Google Icons Most web developers in the business have a graphic arts background, which many a time causes them to focus more on the visual appeal of the page as to its utility through a search engine. Others will depend on the advertising of the site rather than the search engines to draw visitors to the site. The perspective of search engine optimization consultants who look into the logistics of the web site, its technical and textual aspects must also be taken into account. They study how much traffic the web site generates using search engines, and the number of sales it makes, presuming the appearance doesn’t add to the sales. This is many a time the cause of conflict between the designers and SEO consultants, as the designer will be rooting for an attractive visual, and the SEO wants the appearance of not so appealing keyword-rich text, bullet lists, and text links. Thus while designing or rebuilding a website take note of the aforementioned points to ensure that the site has every chance at being successful.

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