Outsource Image Masking and Cut out

Masking of an image and cutting out unnecessary detail in background are some of the preliminary processing stages that a designer goes through with images before applying them to a graphic design or catalog.

Masking of an image is basically the hiding of a background without actually deleting it. Unwanted shadows, creases and portions of the background are hidden from view, but are accessible if the need for its usage arises. Though it sounds like an easy enough process, it requires the judgment and experience of a skilled graphic artist to achieve a desired effect.

Global Outsourcing Solutions is quite proud to say that we have both the capable manpower, potential and the right kind of technology to undertake image masking and cutout jobs. In fact we have a page in our portfolio dedicated to jobs in photo retouching that we have delivered in the past. Contact us today for more information about how we can be of assistance to you!

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I was reluctant to give the designing of my website to people who I have never met before. But thanks to the brilliant functioning standards and work quality at Global Outsourcing Solutions, my gamble paid off. Not only did they incorporate all my requests as and when I gave them, but they also handed to me a final product that is simply mind blowing! Thanks a ton!