Google Adwords Marketing

Thanks to technology’s brilliant progression that is constantly being tried and tested, we the website and blog owners and users now have features like ‘Google Adwords’ at our disposal! Google Adwords is a method of advertising a bit of news or particular announcement on or about your website. This feature runs hand in hand with the concept of pay per click (PPC) advertising. Google Adwords is seen to being commonly used by hundreds of websites and blogs over the internet to propagate news and information to their target audience.

The working methods of Google Adwords are pretty simple to understand. Depending on the amount of money you pay to Google your adverts are placed on their search listings or even as contextual ads that are displayed on websites with Google AdSense ads. Simply put, the more you pay Google for a particular keyword phrase, the higher your advertisement gets listed every time someone searches for that particular key word/phrase.

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