FTP Download

Your website designer may not always be around to help you upload images and or files that you want updated over a period of time. So what do you do? You definitely cannot leave a website static and without change for a long period of time. That would just affect your website rankings and make it harder for you to stay in focus of your target audience. The last thing you want is to lose your audience to your competitor.

Webmasters can now utilize a function called FTP client, which is a tool that allows you to upload files to your server or website. FTP client is a handy tool that allows you to upload files onto your server in an automated process and not file by file in a control panel.

Obtaining FTP client software isn’t difficult at all. There are many sources on the internet that let you download their FTP client software for free. Once such software is Filezilla. This software allows you to see up to four sections that clearly list files stored in your computer or your web server. These files located in your folders expand as you click on it to reveal detailed listings showing all the content in that particular folder. To put it simply, Filezilla makes the whole process of uploading of files as easy as the moving of files from one folder to another on your computer

Next is the matter of setting up a connection. A relatively small problem. You just need to setup an FTP account in your hosting account though your control panel. Once you create it you shall be provided with log in details, with which you can gain access to your web server using your FTP software. The concept of logging into your FTP account is very much like that of logging into an email account to check your emails. Once logged in, a user can see a list of files and folders stored in that account

To have all your files and folders accessible as a proper website on the internet, you usually need to upload your files in the ‘public_HTML’ folder on your account. In this folder you might find a list of sub folders. The folder called ‘www’ or a folder with your domain name is the one in which you have to upload your files into to be visible on the internet. Don’t worry; the folder is usually listed in a very simple fashion and is easy enough to find. All that remains now is to select the files you want to upload and hit the upload button or simply drag and drop the files from one section to another.

A very time saving and easy to use software, the FTP client is literally a blessing in disguise for website owners! We suggest you can use clean and neat solution from

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