Website Design Process

Website designing needn’t be a tedious process. While designing websites, we take care to follow a simple 4 step process.

1. Planning your design:

When we receive a website designing request, our first step is to help our clients chalk out the look and feel of their website. This planning stage requires our clients to tell us how they would like their websites to look. The look of a website is just as important as the information that goes on a website. We encourage our clients to have a clear idea of their requirements and their organizational values to help us produce a design that is good to look at and at the same time allows a visitor to form a connection with the physical company.

2. Design:

Based on the guidelines provided to us by our clients, we proceed to the next step of producing a design. We take care to create designs that are fresh and aesthetically appealing. These designs are presented to our clients for feedback. If needed, changes are made and the next stage of the website designing process is dealt with.

3. Website Coding:

After the approval of the website design, we move on to code the website. We use an HTML/CSS base to code websites and are coded in according to W3 standards. During the coding process, images and graphics are edited, links, flash banners and illustrations are also created. This leads us to the last step in the process of website design.

4. Support:

We work towards presenting to our clients error / bug free usage of their websites. Along with the look of a website the functionality and user-friendliness of the website is also taken into consideration. In the event that any problems or bugs arise on the launch of a website, we are available for maintenance, support and correction on the dot.

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