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(GOS) is a web design and website development firm based in India. Our main aim is providing customer with cutting edge website design solutions to fulfill Personal, Business & Corporate Website design requirement. Professional web site design solutions, Customer relations and Turnaround time is the key aspect of our growth. Internet has changed way businesses function across the globe. Providing Businesses with innovative and latest trend in internet technology gives us an edge over our competitors. Our team of Expert designer and programmers works with ethical guidelines so as to give businesses a clear reflection of their presence on World Wide Web

In past 5 years Global Outsourcing Solutions (GOS) have been at the front-end of developing real time design style in the World wide web internet application centre, distinguishing the need for synergy connecting idea, web design, web development, launch and promotional activities together so as to give our customer a satisfying experience. Global Outsourcing Solutions (GOS) don’t just build websites, we also assist to drive traffic to your business website. Since 2002 we have been catering our clients with a range of services like SEO, Redesign or revamping of an existing website, maintenance & management of an existing website and thereby increasing the number of targeted visitors to your site.

Our services also includes: Market Analysis & Dynamic creation, Web Solution Designing & Creative content writing, Website theme Content Planning and Drafting, Product Photography, Graphic Designing, Photo retouching, HTML Coding, Java Scripting and Active blogs, Google adwords management, and Google adsense management.

Outsourcing Phenomenon

India used to be the land of the exotic – of gurus and snake charmers and spirituality. But that was until the phenomenon of outsourcing came about. The world’s perception of India underwent a drastic change; it is no longer a country of ‘snake-charmers’ but of software engineers, not of gurus but graduates. Through outsourcing, India is both revered, by the companies that outsource, and reviled, by the people whose jobs have been outsourced.

Outsourcing to India is based on a fortunate set of circumstances; India has a large population of educated, English speaking workers who are suited for the service industry and this labour is cheap to employ, with wages being a fraction of what they are in the West. The jobs being outsourced are the back-office jobs- work done by people who aren’t seen by customers like telemarketing, customer care, number crunching. And in India, unlike in the West, these jobs aren’t considered the dead-end jobs; they are well-paying and sought after.

The impact of outsourcing cannot be underestimated. It has created a generation of workers who earn at levels previously unthought-of; people who spend freely and whose jobs create ancillary employment for transport companies, for domestic help, for people who create the canteen facilities at the offices. Outsourcing has spawned books, ‘One Night in a Call Centre’, movies, ‘Outsourced’ and television shows, ‘India Calling’.

But it isn’t all a bed of roses; Outsourcing has its critics; for many people the night shift with the high pay is ruining both the health and future job prospects of the employees. Shashi Tharoor, in one of his columns in the Times of India quoted a friend as saying, ‘all we’re doing is providing coolie labour carrying the excess baggage of globalisation that’s too clunky for the West to bother to lift’.

Outsourcing to India is not a static process; it is evolving, from answering calls from Americans to designing the cell-phones that the calls come from. It is a source of employment and valuable foreign exchange for this country and whether you support outsourcing or object to it, it is here to stay.

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