A Website Owner’s Guide to Online Selling

If you’re a website owner and are looking for ways to incorporate online shopping for your products and/or services, you’ll want to know the different methods that are available to help you to effectively make a sale on the web.

The internet has got a number of extremely popular and easy to incorporate facilities to enable online selling on a website.

It depends on the kind of sale you want to make on your website.

Incase you’re looking for something that simplistic like ‘Buy Now’ buttons or the choice of adding a limited few items to a cart, both PayPal and Google Checkout allow you to create accounts and enable the generation and implementation of these codes directly onto your website. A relatively easy process, all you need to do is signup for an account, follow a set of instructions and fill up the products descriptions, prices and/or delivery charges if applicable. Once you’ve filled up these details, an HTML code will be generated keeping in mind these parameters that you can copy-paste onto your website. Now users who wish to buy your product/service need to click onto the ‘Buy Now’ button and would be redirected to the PayPal or Google website to complete the transaction. Incase you’re wondering if your customer needs to be a member to be able to complete the transaction on PayPal or Google, you need to know that he or she might be asked to sign up for an account if they aren’t account holders or remain non-members of the website and perform just a one off purchase.

The down side to ‘Buy Now’ buttons would be that you aren’t given the ability to track stocks and sales unless manually done yourself. But if you’re using this feature for a small number of items on sale this should be a big problem.
On the other hand, if you want to offer a complete customized shopping experience on the internet, you could choose between PayPal and Google Checkout for your online shopping service. You have the option of incorporating things like an inventory tracking codes, automatic tax additions and shipping costs. Though, you might want to keep into consideration the cost of such customized carts. Because, the more advanced a cart is made, the more knowledge may be required in the incorporation of the cart in the HTML code of your website and thereby increasing the costs of the cart.

Security of transaction is always an issue on a users mind. The main question of doubt is usually whether his or her credit information would remain secure. The plus point of websites like PayPal and Google Checkout is that when a customer clicks on the ‘Buy Product’ button they are redirected to the merchant’s website. This clear link provides sure shot assurance that any payments made are secure and handled by the merchant website thus ensuring quality service and security for both you and your customers. Another added plus point is that once a payment is made to a purchase of a service both you and your customer will receive a confirmation email about completion of transaction.

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Applying features like the shopping cart on a website could get complicated for you to do yourself especially if you do not have an extended knowledge of HTML. In this case you can easily look up a website designer who would have the necessary expertise to incorporate a full shopping cart on your website. Having this done may cost you a bit of money but in the long run, having a smooth running website that handles transactions effectively is surely going to sit very well with your customers! You can be sure of positive high returns to any investment that you make towards the implementation of your shopping cart.

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